CNC parallel lathes four bedways type

Numerical control lathes GF-SC 10 CNC, GF-SC 12 CNC, GF-SC 20 CNC four bedways types: available with different centres height.

This kind of lathes is characterized by high load capacity between centres and by the fact that guideways of carriage and tailstock are completely independent.

Such characteristics allow to work pieces of large dimensions also and to have one or more carriages to operate on the same machine without any problem of interference between steadies and tailstock.
Headstock is fitted on bed, leaving free the carriage guideways. Stability of machine is guaranteed by an enlargement of support base of headstock on bed.
This allows protecting in a simple and cheap way bed guideways and racking with telescopic covers.

These machines can be supplied with different and/or special configurations to satisfy as better customers exigencies.