CNC parallel lathes two bedways type

CNC parallel lathes GFP 10 CNC, GFP 12 CNC, GFP 14 CNC, GFP 16 CNC two bedways type: available in different centres heights.

A common feature of this range of machines is the rigid and heavy support structure. The bed rests on the floor over its whole length. Each casting is subjected to double heat treatment both on the unmachined part and after roughing in order to relief it from any stress.

The box type double-walled structure of headstock together with the metallurgic quality of the casting used for building this machine, the ribs and the stiff connection of headstock to machine bed on which it rests ensure machining free from any chatter. Automatic gearbox having 2,3 or 4 different ratios.

The guideways of carriage unit-longitudinal and cross slide consist of very large matching surfaces in order tho have a very low specific pressure coming from the cutting forces.
The tailstock unit distinguishes it self by its sturdy structure and considerable stiffness. the motions of tailstock and those of the quill may be manual, motor-driven or automatic.
Also the clamping system may be different: manual, semiautomatic or automatic.

These machines can be supplied with different, or special, configurations to better adapt to the production needs of the customers .